Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SALLY HANSEN - Airbrush legs

Thinking of getting a leg makeover? Why not?
I've always been obsessed with spotless smooth legs. When i was younger, i used to pray that mosquitoes will turn into butterflies instead so that they could stop biting me and leaving nasty spots. They never turned to butterflies, reality woke me up with every wing beat around my ears and every bite on my skin. Dont we all just hate them for messing up out beautifully formed skin?
Well.. thank God for the beauty industry and the innovation they create to meet our needs. Sally Hansen came up with a leg makeup product, called Airbrush legs.
When i heard about it, i was so excited because i could finally have something to cover up my child hood scars. I was so ready to give it a try after the company had said it covers blemishes, strawberry legs, veins etc. Alas! my order finally came and i tested it after so much hope. I'll list out the pros and cons and then'd you be the judge and we can conclude together.

It does not easily transfer after its set
Coverage is buildable
Non sticky
Its cheap but not in my country 
Its got shimmer to it

The product is buildable but after its set, it almost looks like its going back to normal so that first, nice application dries out to still show a few blemishes
It doesn't give a nice coverage to the knees. IT makes it look ashy when i look down though, it doesn't depict that in the pictures.

The last con i have is hard to say because i don't know if its a CON or my mind playing tricks on me. you expect this product to match the rest of your skin tone but for me it looked a little ashy instead of a warm tone to it.  

If i have to struggle with it to get it to look right, then that's a problem for me.
I got this product from Jumia in the shade deep glow (that's their darkest shade)

See photos below...

Before application

One Leg done.Pic taken after 40 seconds.

Both legs done...looking good-ish..

Ooooh looking pretty yh? After about a minute

After 3 mins of application, it has fully set and it looks like there are still a view blemishes in view. I also had to mix with a little oil to add some shine and prevent that ashy look ( which is why i said the product is a bit hard to work with). + I sleep on white bed sheets and didn't have to worry about transfer. Be careful tho, make sure it is completely dry before wearing your clothes or lying on your pretty white sheets.

Other than that CON, i think i can manage it. Will i purchase it again? No. I will look for something better and easier to manage.

What do you guys think? 
Have you used this product before? Do you know of any other Leg Makeup products? Let me know in the comments

Product rating - 3.5/5


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