Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Social media week lagos is Five years this year and their activity packed week started on Monday. If you don't know about it..well, Now you do!

If you don't know social media week, it is a platform for individuals to come together and explore how social media changes and affects businesses, society and culture.
I attended the event on Tuesday because i wanted to see sisi yemmie! lol. Don't you just love her? If you don't know her.. check her out here sisi yemmie
I saw lots of people basically seeking the science of cracking social media. 'all dem - how do i get more followers on IG, twitter- type of pipo etc.
I attended the masterclass session for Digital tech and brand marketing and communications. Gosh! too many words! too many words!  All i can say is... it was ok. I'd hate to call myself an ITK because i left to another session. which was great for me cause i started to see people i knew. Which brings me to Network - get it? get it? 😉.
I got a feel of the social tourism panel hosted my the social prefect. It was relaxing for me cause it was a lottle (a lot) more interactive and i saw beautiful pictures. I might start this Nigerian tour thing, Maybe the Kajuru castle might enter my list of places to visit in Nigeria. I thoroughly enjoyed this session.
Overall, It was good-ish. I'd rate it 3 stars out of 5 because i had a hard time finding the classes to participate in. Perhaps a badge and a map should be shared upon entry to help me navigate the area cause there were so many classes and then ditch the coffee. It makes people tired.
Now onto pix...

The social media tourism panel hosted by the Social prefect and a few other travel bloggers

Hm! Ene the artist! ghen ghen! Samsung had a stand to sketch and win stuff. so i decided to try my luck

I was thinking of mama, when i drew this sketch. Although, Samsung, i hope you will compensate me for this sketch *wink*

and.....Its a WRAP!!!

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. Eyahhhhhh. This is pretty interesting. I like the picture quality. Keep this up!!


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