Tuesday, March 07, 2017

My Best Dressed List | AMVCA '2017

The AMVCA cannot pass by without me dropping my take on it. First off, 
congratulations to the winners!!!!
Now the AMVCA (Africa movies viewers choice awards)  is an award show that recognizes Nollywood actors and actresses in various genres of TV programmes (Kinda like the Oscars in America)  but the African version. the show has become sooo popular that even if you are not an actress, you have to show up looking glam and lit. No stories, the critiques will come for you ( the actors i mean)
so without further ado, lets review my best dressed list.


Adesua Etomi was a vision in this Mai Atafo number. Inspired by a dress worn by Kerry Washington.
 She looked like a dream in this ethereal hot number.

amvca 2017

Michelle Dede always looks mature in everything she wears just like her personality. That's why she is on my best dressed list.

amvca 2017

Even after a baby. these woman sure knows how to bring it! I loved the artistic feel of her dress. Eku really looked grand and gaudy.

amvca 2017

I will be honest, this dress should not be on my best dressed list but i really like Zainab Balogun so i will be partial! She always looks nice so ill give her a free pass for this boring looking bronze attire.

amvca 2017

whhhhhoooooo- tall glass of water!!!! This was my favorite look of the night. Hands down! Somkele won my heart in all rounds from her stride to her pose to that amazing dress by Andrea Iyamah.

amvca 2017

Oh Rita! if only i could save you from the people shaming your outfit. I really liked all your other outfits to the AMCAs but next time don't pacify a designer if they really can't get the work done if you don't like the dress. You'll enter my best dressed list because of your smile.

Roll out the carpet! we now have a real life black barbie.
I dont know her but her outfit and makeup be slaying!

amvca 2017

Beverly Naya looked nice at the AMVCA. However ,I do think she should have chosen a different colour. Pink perhaps...

Who  was your best dressed celebrity at the AMVCAs. let us know....

Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Social media week lagos is Five years this year and their activity packed week started on Monday. If you don't know about it..well, Now you do!

Birthday Flicks + Things I've learnt so far...

No not today! 
I turned Twen-A year older on the 24th of February. Its not late since i shared posts on my social media (IG and Facebook). Thanks again for all your prayers and good will messages.
But i just came here to blab about what i had learned in this one year and a brief reminder to myself. you never know, i might be helping someone with my learning 😊

So without further ado...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to Make your 'To-do' List work for you

 I have been planning on things to do
this year and i can confidently say i have a clear path because I have been writing them down. Doing a brain dump and prioritizing

Its absolutely scary penning things down and not having to follow through with those plans. A list can give you all sorts of feelings mahn! It can make you excited, scared, overwhelmed and clueless at the same time.

This is not to say that the 'To-do' list is a no no...  but it takes a whole lot more than writing them down. More importantly, you have to train your mind to do certain things as you pen down your goals. First you have to categorize, then you have to prioritize, then you have to have a plan of action. otherwise you are just going to be doodling and we don't want that.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Gift Ideas for Valentines day during a recession

So, many people are still thinking of what to do this valentines day, given the recession but there will always be ways to make your love feel special. So, lets not even let money come in between.

Yes, there are the ladies that try to be overly high maintenance but if you know your lady or your man very well, they would appreciate the little things! If they don't like the things on this list (then they are blood sucking vampires!) #Noshade #JK.

You don't have to break the bank to show someone you care so here are a few ideas you can do to show someone you care.